A new life.

Thanks for joining me!

I start to write this blog, 11 days before my big adventure begins. Start date being 9th April 2018. But the journey started a long time prior, and as such I will spend the days before the start, catching up with the journey so far.

Only a few months after my fathers death, I read the words somewhere “Everyone dies, not everyone lives”. I had always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but there was always an excuse. I remembered reading Brian Milton’s book “Global Flyer”, where he recounts his record-breaking flight around the world in 1998, and decide, it’s time to stop finding excuses and start living. Three months after his death, on my 40th birthday, I took my first ever flight in a microlight, with microlight instructor Graham McNally at Strathaven airfield. That was in August 2012.

  • October 2012, at 6 hours, I fly solo.
  • December 2012, I purchased G-BZIM

The BZIM in its original colours, after its first flight at Strathaven airfield. Microlight instructor Graham McNally at the controls

  • On 24 January 2013, with 23.8 hrs logged, 5 months after my first flight, I pass my GST flying the BZIM.
  • June 2013, I take part in the Round Britain Rally, flying the BZIM, winning the novice category and finishing close behind the overall winner.
  • June 2014, I fly solo to the Faroe Islands in the BZIM, 280 miles north of Stornoway.


    The BZIM at Vagar, Faroe Islands

  • June 2014, I fly from Strathaven to Lands End and return, on the same day. Over 900 miles, 16.5 hours in the air, flying sunrise to sunset in the BZIM.
  • June 2015, I venture solo around southern France in the BZIM.


    the BZIM in the Pyrenees

  • August 2015, the BZIM has a sail tear, whilst off-shore Kirkwall, Orkney Islands. This leads to the BZIM’s new colours.


    Sail torn by stray leather glove

  • July 2016 I venture solo into the French Alps in the BZIM.


    Courchevel altiport and the BZIM

It became a common question at Strathaven, “Where are you off to next?”.

If I were ever to say “nowhere”, have I stopped living?

Probably not, but its probably time for another ‘new’ life.