Arrival at Tiburry docks


The BZIM arrived at Tibury docks around 10am. Delivery was to Pentalver Transport Ltd, a company employed by KRL to ‘lash and load’ the BZIM into its ‘own’ 20ft container. I had been expecting to do this loading myself, however after discussing safe securing points with the loaders, I left the dockside, happy knowing Pentalver would look after the BZIM.

Once loaded, the container was taken to London Gateway Port, by Pentalver. On February 7th, the BZIM was  loaded onto the Hapag Lyod ship, the Philadelphia Express. This ship is one of number of container ships offering a weekly service to the USA on the ‘Atlantic loop 3’ (AL3) service.

The AL3 service routes London Gateway > Charleston> Port Everglades > Houston > Savannah > Norfolk > Antwerp > Bremerhaven > London Gateway.


The BZIM departed London Gateway port on February 7th 2018. Scheduled transit time to Port Everglades is 10 day, so arrival should have been on the 17th February. This would mean the BZIM would have to be stored for up to 9 days before my arrival to collect it.