Beale AFB open day

Catching up on April 28th 2018

Whilst waiting for high winds over the Sierra mountains to subside, Saturday 28th April was spent at Beale Air Force Base’s first open day since 2011. Below are a few photo’s taken at the event.

27th_28th April IMG_227427th_28th April IMG_2277.27th_28th April IMG_2281.27th_28th April IMG_228427th_28th April IMG_2287.27th_28th April IMG_228827th_28th April IMG_229027th_28th April IMG_2291.27th_28th April IMG_229227th_28th April IMG_229427th_28th April IMG_2295.27th_28th April IMG_2297.27th_28th April IMG_230027th_28th April IMG_2303.27th_28th April IMG_2305.27th_28th April IMG_230627th_28th April IMG_2307.27th_28th April IMG_2308

27th_28th April IMG_2309.27th_28th April IMG_231027th_28th April IMG_2311.27th_28th April IMG_231227th_28th April IMG_2313.27th_28th April IMG_231627th_28th April IMG_2319.27th_28th April IMG_232027th_28th April IMG_2321.27th_28th April IMG_232227th_28th April IMG_232427th_28th April IMG_232627th_28th April IMG_232827th_28th April IMG_2329.27th_28th April IMG_2331.27th_28th April IMG_2333.27th_28th April IMG_2339.27th_28th April IMG_234627th_28th April IMG_2347.27th_28th April IMG_234827th_28th April IMG_2351.27th_28th April IMG_236627th_28th April IMG_2367.27th_28th April IMG_236827th_28th April IMG_2369.27th_28th April IMG_2375.27th_28th April IMG_2377.27th_28th April IMG_238627th_28th April IMG_2399.27th_28th April IMG_2423.