First Flight and to the Keys

Keys map

An early start and finally the first flight. Pre-flight checks were completed with care and eventually the BZIM taxied to runway 10. Wind was 5kts from the east.

Just before 8am, wearing shorts and T-shirt in February (unheard of in Scotland),  the BZIM and I take to the air. Climb out was as expected, crosswind and turn downwind, no issues.

The microlight was flying straight and level, hands off. Perfect!


Nearing the end of the downwind, the EGT for two cylinders go into the yellow. “Shit, whats going on?” and then one EGT flickers red. I had previously set the EGT temperature ranges to be lower than the Rotax numbers, so the red isn’t indicating the damage stage, yet!

Quickly throttle back, turn for a tight base and glide in to land. The temperatures quickly return to within the normal range. As I taxied in and halt, I flick only one Magneto switch to the off position. The other switch is already in the off position! Had I not switched them both back to ON during the mag checks? Mental note taken to double check.

A quick toilet break, then at 0830 the BZIM commenced a three hour flight to the Seven Mile Bridge and return, in the Florida Keys


Robert Air South seen on departure


The Everglades, southwest of Homestead


Florida resident, south of Florida City


Overseas highway in the Keys


Duck Key


looking at the Seven Mile Bridge


Hanging over the side of the BZIM


Multiple Stingray


Marathon Airport


Seven Mile Bridge


Turning at the southern side of the Seven Mile Bridge




Shark and BZIM




Leaving the Keys behind


Key Largo and north west

A video of the trip from Homestead to The Seven Mile Bridge is below.

  • Distance flown 192 statute miles.
  • Flight time 3 hours 3 minutes
  • Fuel used 10 US Gallons at $2.89 for BP MID Grade fuel = $28.90 = £20.64

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