Pattern bashing

Homestead map

Second day flying, and last day of the current SFA, was spent in the pattern or circuit. Runway 36 in use, the BZIM and a Cessna share the airspace at Homestead (X51). The BZIM makes slightly tighter patterns, keeping position with the Cessna. After 30 minutes the wind changed to a more easterly direction, so I change to Runway 10. The Cessna quickly follows and soon two, three and then four other aircraft join the pattern from Miami Executive airport Tamiami (TMB).

BZIM and Cessna

The BZIM turning short finals 10

It was obvious English was not the first language of some of the pilots now entering the pattern. Long pauses and incorrect position calls were becoming frequent and upon hearing a fifth training flight “inbound for a 45′ join” on the downwind, with reluctance, I decide its time to get out of their way and land. Everything has gone well, the BZIM has handled without fault. During this flying I note the MGL Discovery Lite iEFIS has been painting traffic onto the display. This had never appeared to work previously, so either a new update has fixed an issue, or more likely, I have connected the wiring correctly this time.

The BZIM is now stored ready for the start of Aprils adventure.

The wing is removed and folded.  The trike was loaded and ready.

BZIM covered

The BZIM stored and waiting

Click pictures below for larger version:



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