Up bright and early …

…too early, 0330 local. I was up and wandering around in the dark. Body clock obviously doesn’t know I am in the USA, but my body temperature sure does.

Plan is.. OK was, to get an early start and get into lakeland before the traffic or thunderstorms… So everything packed away for sunrise and….


I’ll hold off the story of the first day, other than to once again thank Mr John and Diane Roberts at Homestead. Without the top up fluids I can only imagine the cramps I had in both hands and arms, whilst flying, would have been a lot worse. Diane, an extra thanks for driving to Budget car rental and bring me back to the airport, a much needed time saver.

And at Arcadia, my thanks to George and Joyce Chase, for driving out to the airport to welcome me, and, for droping me off in town for a bite to eat. I needed that steak!

Arcadia airport boasts a purpose built, self funded (by friends of arcadia airport) camping ground for pilots and aircraft. A much needed shower was had, thanks to the superb facilities.

Just need the fog to lift….

4 thoughts on “Up bright and early …

  1. My favorite place to airplane camp – Arcadia. Hope the roosters didn’t get you up too early ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Be sure to get tied down well for this weather system. get the wing on the ground if you can.

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    • I wish the roosters had woken me. Unfortunately I was up before they were! The weather arrived within minutes of me positioning to the camping area. I stood under the wing, holding on to it as the heavens opened. The SunNFun post, coming this weekend will show more.


  2. Great to meet you Mike. We hope you have a great cross country trip here in the USA. Thanks for visiting Aviation City or Fly-In/Camp-Out center here in Arcadia Florida. This is precisely the reason we built the facility. Please plan a stop on your return route if it works out. Your Friends at Arcadia Municipal Airport.


    • Likewise George, great to meet you and see your groups excellent camp ground and facilities at Arcadia. I’m hearing echo’s of how good the grounds are, by others I have spoken to, so the word is out there. Happy to be a Friend of Arcadia ๐Ÿ™‚


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