Sun ‘n Fun 2018 images

Sun n Fun IMG_0388

Sun n Fun IMG_0383

The BZIM, behind the fence 😦

Wednesday April 11th was spent wandering around SunNFun, taking photographs and readying the BZIM for the adventure ahead. Too much is being carried and needs to be thinned out.

Sun n Fun IMG_0379Sun n Fun IMG_0371Sun n Fun IMG_0366Sun n Fun IMG_0362Sun n Fun IMG_0360Sun n Fun IMG_0355Sun n Fun IMG_0350Sun n Fun IMG_0349Sun n Fun IMG_0342Sun n Fun IMG_0334Sun n Fun IMG_0331Sun n Fun IMG_0330Sun n Fun IMG_0327Sun n Fun IMG_0326Sun n Fun IMG_0324Sun n Fun IMG_0322Sun n Fun DSCN1363Sun n Fun DSCN1362Sun n Fun DSCN1361Sun n Fun IMG_0382Sun n Fun IMG_0310Sun n Fun IMG_0308Sun n Fun IMG_0306Sun n Fun IMG_0304Sun n Fun IMG_0301Sun n Fun IMG_0325Sun n Fun IMG_0300Sun n Fun IMG_0299

Sun n Fun IMG_0298

The BZIM hiding on the right

Sun n Fun IMG_0297Sun n Fun IMG_0291Sun n Fun IMG_0289Sun n Fun IMG_0288Sun n Fun IMG_0285Sun n Fun IMG_0283Sun n Fun IMG_0282Sun n Fun IMG_0281Sun n Fun IMG_0280Sun n Fun IMG_0279Sun n Fun IMG_0278Sun n Fun IMG_0277Sun n Fun IMG_0274Sun n Fun IMG_0273Sun n Fun IMG_0272Sun n Fun IMG_0271IMG_0299Sun n Fun IMG_0290Sun n Fun IMG_0287Sun n Fun IMG_0286Sun n Fun IMG_0284Sun n Fun IMG_0276Sun n Fun IMG_0270Sun n Fun IMG_0268Sun n Fun IMG_0240Sun n Fun IMG_0242Sun n Fun IMG_0243Sun n Fun IMG_0395

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