Leaving neither the Sun nor Fun Behind

Thursday 12th April 2018

As per every other day so far, rise and shine was around 0330 local. This allowed plenty of time for a quick shower and dismantling, and packing, of the BZIM, whilst the majority around slept. The BZIM located away from the Paradise City air-side area, which meant pushing it and dragging it from the camping area towards the runway. This was one aspect of the Paradise City area that could be improved. I had hoped to camp under the wing and fly during the day. That would only happen if I was willing to drag the microlight around. Not ideal in the Florida heat.


A balloon, another early riser.

A quick visit to the daily briefing was cut short when it was mentioned the BZIM was only departing. The officials would slot the BZIM in between powered parachute launches.

A quick goodbye to new friend and fellow trike pilot Doug Boyle and the BZIM was pushed air-side. Following the lead marshaller, on a small quad bike, the BZIM was lead to the runway and departed Paradise City, turning south and then southwest towards the Sunshine Sky bridge.

Further routing was then following the coastline to Cedar Key. Although possible tohave flown a more direct routing to Cedar Key via ZephryHills, this airspace was likely to be more congested with SunNFun traffic or even just those aircraft avoiding the area. Also, the views along the coast are much nicer.IMG_0413IMG_0420IMG_0422IMG_0425IMG_0427IMG_0438IMG_0439Between 500>1000 feet the air was fairly choppy whilst over water, which was frustrating. Lots of sea-life seen, but it was proving difficult to get good images

Distance traveled from Lakeland to Cedar Key (CDK) was 175 miles. Straight line distance is 101 miles. Time air-borne was 2 hours 40 minutes.

Cedar Key

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