When them blow, they blow!




Monday April 16th 2018

Winds! When them winds blow, they blow.

Gary Berdeaux  of Beachflight aviation, once again, went out of his way to assist me in my adventure. Meeting me at Salt Air Aviation, where I returned the car rental, and then taking me to his hanger, where the BZIM was sleeping, at 0730.


The forecast today was for blue sky’s and wind. A 25 mph head wind in thermic conditions isn’t particularly comfortable. Worse though, the 25 mph headwind would slow my progress, meaning an additional fuel stop en-route.



Departure from Jack Edwards was first toward Denton, on Dauphin Island. The flight to Dauphin Island was a nice slow flight. A distance of 28 miles traveled, should have taken 28 minutes at the BZIM’s 60mph speed, instead, it took almost 50 minutes!


Fort Morgan, Alabama


Offshore, crossing the channel to Dauphin island


Denton in the centre above the tree line

Jeremiah Denton (4R9) airport, Dauphin Island was built on land reclaimed from the bay.


Looking right, whilst on finals to Denton, Dauphin Island


The BZIM at Dauphin Island

I’m told this can give an aircraft carrier departure feeling, but I guess that would be in an aircraft needing a longer departure run and at speeds faster than the BZIM.

After departure from Denton, I was advised by Gary, routing inland would lesson the wind speeds compared to following the coastline. Disappointed, as the plan was to fly low along the Mississippi River, this turned out to be a wise decision.IMG_0695


For the short period, where a low level section was flown, the air was very turbulent and the view was not as pretty due to the previous days torrential rains. Much nicer was the area from where False River Airport got it’s name.


Part of False River, now a lake, which once was a part of the meandering Mississippi River.

The flight from Denton to False River (HZR), for refueling, took 4 hours 39 minutes to fly the 211 miles.


False River (HZR) airport, Louisiana

Having missed “Tora Tora Tora”, a Commemorative Air Force team who recreate the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor team, at SunNFun, due to my early departure, it was nice to see the aircraft at False River (HZR).

One of the Tora Tora Tora aircraft. I think this one is Tora.

The BZIM soaking up the sun at False River

A regular gas station, near the entrance to the airport at False River, was trekked to. The airport manager offered a ride to the station, but it wasn’t far and stretching the legs after 4 hours 40 minutes felt good. The FBO has a nice area and feel with free snacks,  coffee and water.


Next stop, Eunice (LA90) only 60 miles away would allow the BZIM’s tanks to be filled using  Mogas (motor gas). This was done quickly and by 1620, the BZIM was on it’s way to Livingston (00R) 160 miles to the west. Most of this area is densly covered with trees. The area is largely swamp land with a few alligators I am told!




More trees, a river and the BZIM

Although Livingston does not have unleaded fuel at the airport, a local gas station just over one mile away resulted in a late evening walk. Even though no fuel was purchased at Livingston, Dan Burrows allowed access to Burrows Aviation building for the night.


The BZIM in the setting sun