Time to sit this one out

Weather 1404

After arriving at Jack Edwards Thursday evening, an out of the blue phone call to Gary Berdeaux of Beachflight Aviation brought him out to the airport within 15 minutes. Gary went out of his way to assist finding space in his hanger for the BZIM and then insisting in taking me for a meal and a drink at a local restaurant. Not usually a fish person, Gary recommended the Mahi-Mahi. I loved it. A very meaty chewy fish.

It was at this point I was discussing my concern about getting away before the incoming storm came through on Saturday, otherwise I’d be stranded until the 23rd. Gary pointed out, “but its only the 12th”. Somehow, possibly linked to stress and being dehydrated, I had convinced myself as I left SunNFun that I was on a very tight schedule and I might not make the west coast, never mind the east! I was convinced the weekend coming was the 21st April, not the 14th. Suddenly a huge weight was lifted. I could wait out the storm at Jack Edwards.




A storms a coming.

Gary could not be more helpful, picking me up on Friday, taking me to his hanger, for me to collect some items, and then to the FBO to get a car hire. Gary further dropped everything, meeting me at his hanger on Sunday and then early morning Monday for my departure. There is something about Trike pilots in America. All have gone out their way to help basically a stranger.


Edits to this page will be done later.

Departure towards Louisiana today at around 8AM. Hope-full of some flying low over the Mississippi, but an air-met for turbulence below FL100 (no lower limit), may make things bumpy. Landing at Eunice (4R7) for some fuel and the hopefully into Texas and Livingston. 1 hour 20 mins til departure, so better get my ass moving!

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