Slowly getting there

My deepest thanks go again to Gary Berdeaux for all his help, and the laughs!

Today started in Jack Edwards, Alabama, slowly followed by a 50 minute flight to Denton (Dauphin Island). A 4 hour 22 minute flight to False River, followed by a 1 hour 5 minute flight to Eunice. Finally, 2 hours 40 minutes and night stopping at Livingston Texas

8 Hours 57 minutes flying time to cover 450 miles gave an average of 50 mph flying speed. This would have been less, had the gains late in the afternoon not taken place.

Short post today as hoping for a very early start tomorrow. High winds will ground me again later this week, unless the forecast has improved, so updates and pictures will follow.

2 thoughts on “Slowly getting there

  1. Well done Michael. I am loving your blog and I am enjoying following your adventure. Amazing photo’s. Safe Flying from a wet and windy Ireland.


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