Just a quickie, flight

Catching up: Thursday 19th April 2018

With the FBO closed the previous night, the BZIM was needing fueled. I make a point of filling up the BZIM with either unleaded or Avgas, at every opportunity. This provides a safety buffer, should winds be higher than forecast. It also means the BZIM can be airborne for over seven hours, its longest flight being 7 hours 47 minutes. This time however, the destination was going to be much closer. Extremely high winds through both the northern pass (Albuquerque) and southern pass (El Paso) were forecast. Speeds of around  50mph, over the next few days, with the added possibility of thunderstorms means the BZIM isn’t going far again (sigh).

Cavern City (CNM) was around 115 miles away, so at least it was a bit further along the path. As ever, the winds in the morning were forecast to increase quickly around 9am, so at sunrise, the BZIM was ready to go.


Sunrise at Odessa

Calm on the ground, but  when airborne, the winds quickly became noticeable. This time, a tailwind of 40 mph around 2000ft, resulted in the BZIM whizzing along at over 100mph. New Mexico, here we come!

There appeared to be far more active oil wells in operation, compared to those overflown in Texas.IMG_1015.CR2

IMG_1006There was also noticeably more trucks and vehicles on the road, along with large rail terminals for quick loading of materials between trucks and trains. New Mexico seemed to be booming.IMG_1026.CR2IMG_1029IMG_1027.CR2

This flight. again, was a joy. In just over an hour and and 15 minutes, Cavern City Air Terminal came into view.


So far, in this adventure, everyone encountered could not have been more friendly or welcoming. Landing at Cavern City, was this going to continue?


Ernie and Kristi of Chandler Aviation with the BZIM


the BZIM and I

Of course it was! Ernie and Kristi loved the story of the BZIM’s adventure and went out their way to help and assist. Kristi took to organizing a car rental and Ernie found me a local hotel. Ernie explained this area of the USA, New Mexico and parts of Texas, are going though a major boom. Oil and gas is being produced, old wells being  re-opened, new ones being found. There is serious money being made he said. Basic everyday hotels are charging $300 a night, which are being filled by large corporations employees. Luckily, Ernie, a retired policeman from Carlsbad, explained my adventure to a hotelier and a much more reasonable priced room was found. And as for the BZIM?

Well Ernie sorted out a space in a rather nice hanger  where the BZIM stayed with some bigger boys, until Saturday 21st.


The shine on the floor was impressive!


Ernie also suggested some local attractions that were worth visiting, along with offering his assistance in anything I or the BZIM needed. Some interesting tales regarding Ernie’s time with law enforcement were also told, but that’s not for blogging 😉

Many thanks Ernie and your car is F****n cool!


2 thoughts on “Just a quickie, flight

  1. Just caught up in your blog after seeing facebook posting from Strathaven.
    We visited Strathaven when we were in Scotland a year ago. Dont know your intended route in america but we live on airfield in Naperville Illinois, in case you get that far north.


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