What’s been happening?

Fly, eat, fly, eat, fly, Sleep.

That sums it up.

Bit more detail? Ok, just some brief details. More details will follow.

Navasota to Burnet Muni to Odessa. Next day, Odessa to Cavern City airport. Then 2 days delay due winds and a storm took til Saturday 21st April. Thats when the last post was made. Saturday took me to Santa Rosa route 66 airport then Moriaty, Estancia, spending the night at Double Eagle, hosted by Damien. Sunday was great flying with a number of other local trike pilots and then onto Bluff then Monument Valley airport. The evening ended with a brake cable snap at Marble Canyon airport. Monday, flying continued to Page, then Vallie and Grand Canyon cavern airport, followed by Jean. This was very difficult flying conditions! More info will follow. Next Furnace Creek, Death Valley and Stovepipe Wells. Finally today 24th April, Stovepipe Wells to Kern Valley, which is where I type and will post this. Expect to make Santa Paula today where I will stay until brake cable arrives. If the fog lifts I will also fly over the Pacific, completing the first coast to coast. Just one other coast after that.


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