The airports visited

flight flown (1)

GPS trace of the entire adventure.

February 27th Tuesday
  •  Homestead (X51)  to Seven Mile Bridge, the Keys and return.
February 28th Wednesday
  • Homestead (X51) Local flight 1 hour
April 10th Monday
  • Homestead (X51) to South Beach Miami and return
  • Homestead (X51) to Arcadia (X06)
April 11th Tuesday
  • Arcadia (X06) to Paradise City, Lakeland Linder (LAL) for SunNFun
April 13th Thursday
  • Paradise City, Lakeland to Cedar Key (CDK) via Sunshine Bridge and coastline.
  • Cedar Key to Apalachicola (AAF), Florida
  • Apalachicola to Jack Edwards (JKA), Alabama
April 16th Monday
  • Jack Edwards to Denton (4R9) Dolphin Island, Alabama
  • Denton Dolphin Island to False River (HZR) Louisiana
  • False River to Eunice (4R7) Louisiana
  • Eunice  to Livingstone (00R), Texas
April 17th Tuesday
  • Livingston to Navasota (60R), Texas
April 18th Wednesday
  • Navasota to Burnet Craddock (BMQ), Texas
  • Burnet Craddock to Odessa-Schlemeyer (ODO), Texas
April 19th Thursday
  • Odessa to Cavern City airport (CNM), New Mexico
April 21st Saturday
  • Carlsbad to Santa-Rosa Route 66 (SXU), NM
  • Santa Rosa to Moriarty (0E0), NM
  • Moriatary to Estancia (E92), NM
  • Estancia to Double Eagle II (AEG), NM
April 22nd Sunday
  • Double Eagle II to Stalkers Landing
  • Stalkers Landing to Cabezon Peak
  • Cabezon Peak to Shiprock (5V5), NM
  • Shiprock to Bluff (66V), Utah
  • Bluff to Monument Valley, Utah
  • Monument Valley to Marble Canyon (L41), Arizona
April 23rd Monday
  • Marble Canyon to Page Muni (PGA), Arizona
  • Page to low approach Marble Canyon to Valle (40G), Arizona
  • Valle to Grand Canyon Caverns (L37), Arizona
  • Grand Canyon Caverns to Jean (0L7), Nevada
  • Jean to Furnace Creek (L06), California
  • Furnace Creek to Stovepipe Wells (L09), California
April 24th Tuesday
  • Stovepipe Wells to Kern Valley (L05), California
  • Kern Valley to Santa Paula (SZP), California
April 25th Wednesday
  • Santa Paula to Santa Paula via coastline to Santa Barbara
April 26th Thursday
  • Santa Paula to Salinas (SNS), California
  • Salinas to Watsonville (WVI), California
April 27th Friday
  • Watsonville to Lodi (1O3), California
  • Lodi to Placerville (PVF), California
April 29th Sunday
  • Placerville to Carson City (CXP), Nevada
April 30th Monday
  • Carson City to Lake Tahoe shoreline to Carson City
  • Carson City to Elko (EKO), Nevada
May 1st Tuesday
  • Elko to Jackpot (06U), Nevada
  • Jackpot to Hazeltown Muni (U94), Idaho
  • Hazeltown Muni to Bear Trap (1U0), Idaho
  • Bear Trap to McCarley (U02), Idaho
  • McCarley to Rexburg-Madison County (RXE), Idaho
  • Rexburg to Stanford (U12), Idaho
May 2nd Wednesday
  • Stanford to Yellowstone (WYS), Montana
  • Yellowstone to Gardiner (29S), Montana
  • Gardiner to Woltermann Memorial (6S3), Montana
  • Woltermann to Black Hills (SPF), South Dakota
May 3rd Thursday
  • Black Hills to Chamberlain Municipal (9V9), South Dakota
  • Chamberlain to Madison Municipal (MDS), South Dakota
May 4th Friday
  • Madison to Albert Lea (AEL) (approach only) to Viroqua (Y51), Wisconsin
  • Viroqua to Wittman Regional (OSH), Wisconsin
May 5th Saturday
  • Wittman to Starke County (OXI), Indiana
  • Starke County to Bellefontaine (EDJ), Ohio
  • Bellefontaine to Youngstown Elser Metro (4G4), Ohio
May 6th Sunday
  • Youngstown to Clarion County (AXQ), Pennsylvania
  • Clarion to St Marys (OYM), Pennsylvania
May 7th Monday
  • St Marys to Jake Arner Memorial (22N), Pennsylvania
  • Arner Memorial to Linden (LDJ), New Jersey
May 8th Tuesday
  • Linden to Linden via New York Hudson River SRA north and south.