Content still to be added:

  • Santa Paula to Watsonville via Salinas
  • Watsonville to Placerville via Lodi
  • Placerville to Carson City
  • Lake Tahoe flight with Paul and Loretta Hamilton, Marie and Travis.
  • Carson City to Elko
  • Elko to Stanford, via Jackpot, Hazelton, Bear Trap, McCarley and Rexburg
  • Stanford to Black Hills via Yellowstone, Gardiner and Woltermann memorial
  • Black Hills to Madison via Chamberlain
  • Madison to Oshkosh via Viroqua
  • Oshkosh to Youngstown via Starke Co and Bellefontaine
  • Youngstown to St Marys via Clarion
  • St Marys to Linden via Arner Memorial
  • Video and additional images for previously published pages

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